Yosi, Inc
Yosi is a patient check-in and communication platform that replaces the dreaded clipboard with its cleverly designed mobile technology.

The Story:

We have all come across someone we know or ourselves at some point in time, filling out paper forms when we visit a doctor's office.

It is not archetypal to your visit alone - it is what happens across the country in leading hospitals, sophisticated doctor offices and even urgent care centers.

About 45% of patients are looking to use technology to manage their health and a doctor typically spends 40% of their time on administrative tasks than medical care. If there were technology available that solves the problem both doctors and patients would adopt.

Yosi is the first pre-visit mobile based check-in platform.

Yosi is designed to help both patients and doctors manage their healthcare transactions through our cutting-edge technology. 

We are growing rapidly. If you think this is a problem that needs to be addressed and solving this gives us the greatest chance to become interoperable, drop us a line at http://yosicare.com or contact@yosicare.com.