We provide end to end "off the shelf" IT platform that enables ACOs to efficiently manage the payers incentive program including reporting

The Story:

Medi-Code provides an end to end "off-the-shelf" cloud based IT platform that enables Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) & provider networks to manage their data integration, analytics, care cordination and reporting (including GPRO reporting in less than 30 days). Medi-Code aggregate claims data from payers, clinical data from multiple EHR systems, real time information for care coordination of “at risk” patients, and provide a quality metrics and utilization dashboard along with data analysis for cost and clinical outcomes.

Medi-Code has a subscription-based revenue model. It charges the members of the ACO a monthly fee based on expected savings for the payers and the number of Medicare patients using the provider services. The combined Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and ACO model supported by Medi-Code's integrated IT solution can deliver 20%-30% or more savings to the payers, and can generate significant revenue stream to the providers.

Medi-Code is initially focused on government ACOs - Medicare and Medicaid. The Medicare ACOs have grown rapidly from zero in 2010 to 253 in 2013. Just in the month of January 2014, 123 new ACOs have been registered!  Medi-Code has successfully implemented a pilot program at a Medicare ACO in North Carolina and is currently seeking to implement its integrated solution at various other government ACOs. It will target commercial ACOs in later years. Medi-Code also has customers in rural Texas and Canada.