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angelMD connects qualified investors with the entrepreneurs creating innovation across all categories of medicine. As a member of angelMD, you will have unique access to innovation along with opportunities to invest in what you know.

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What we do:

Build the tools and platform that facilitate the introduction of qualified investors to the startup companies building the future of medicine.

Ensure all information and communication that occurs through angelMD is private and secure.

Deliver news, insights and information to keep investors apprised of the latest innovations.

Facilitate collaboration to allow peers to evaluate ideas and share insights.

Connect startups directly to investors who are interested in getting information and updates.

Manage all transactions to ensure compliance to all applicable laws and guidelines.

“Successful investing requires leverage. The angelMD Catalyst Fund achieves leverage through better pre investment analysis and post investment support of portfolio companies by a nationwide network of physicians and industry leaders."
Charles Emley, Jr - Managing Director, Catalyst Fund

The benefits to Investors:

Privacy - Follow the companies that interest you while remaining anonymous. You control if and when you want to reach out to a startup.

Visibility - Get a comprehensive look at the worldwide innovation marketplace and learn from other investors.

Communication - Investors are always connected directly to their startups for regular updates.

Knowledge - Stay up to date on the latest innovations, and offer your experience and expertise to entrepreneurs.

Efficiency - Investing in groups creates benefits for both investors and startups.

Documentation - Funding process is made simple and ensures compliance at every step.